How to program my nest thermostat

How to program my nest thermostat
So if you have heating and cooling, your thermostat has one scheduled for Heat, one for Cool, and another for Heat. Cool. To switch between modes on Nest Learning Thermostat: Turn the ring to Thermostat and press to select, then turn to select a mode.

Turn your thermostat's ring to highlight different options and press the ring to choose one. Language > Select the language your Nest thermostat will use to display text. Internet connection > Your location > Equipment > Temperature > System Test > Nest app > Select a schedule (Nest Thermostat E only) >

How to Set a Schedule for Your Nest Thermostat. Your Nest Thermostat can learn your preferences over time and automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. Tap on “Schedule” at the bottom. This will bring up a blank spreadsheet of sorts, which looks similar to what you'd find in any calendar app. Tap “Add” in the ...

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