Nest thermostat remote motion sensor

Nest thermostat remote motion sensor
Your thermostat may also be in a room where you rarely spend time. The Nest Temperature Sensor lets you choose where your thermostat measures the ...

The wireless remote Nest Temperature Sensor works with your Nest thermostat to keep a certain room a certain temperature at a certain time of day.

Nest's thermostats finally have the ability to measure the ... Nest's Temperature Sensors are the bare minimum of what a remote sensor can ...

Are they are a worthy upgrade to your home thermostat, or are they dumb ... for remote room sensors, which could read temperatures around the house ... While it would have been great to see Nest add motion detection in the ...

This is why the Nest makes a remote Temperature Sensor. ... but a remote sensor that can tell your thermostat to ramp up the air conditioner for a ... There are no sensing abilities or motion detectors in the Temperature Sensors.


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