Nest thermostat target temperature

Nest thermostat target temperature
The Nest thermostat maintenance band is not adjustable. Your thermostat will switch your system on when the room temperature is about 1°F (0.5°C) away from the set temperature, then it'll run your system until the temperature is slightly beyond the target temperature that you've set.
Nest E temperature target tracks true to external test thermometer when going from 60 degrees to 70 degrees F, buts becomes inaccurate once passing... How do I reduce the swing on my temperature? The thermostat doesn't cool until the target temperature.
I have Nest 3rd gen programmable thermostat. I manually changed the temp on the wall thermostat and it says: "75 in 2+ hr" but it is 81 degrees ...
The thermostat doesn't cool until the target temperature. It always shows 2+ hr to reach the target temperature, but never reaches the temperature. The room temperature always is more than 5 to 6 degrees than the set temperature.


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