Best Thermostat Settings for Heat Pump

Best Thermostat Settings for Heat Pump
The Best Thermostat Settings. Settings for the Summer Months. Set your thermostat for 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius when someone is at home. Settings for the Winter Months. The best thermostat setting for your home during the winter months is 68 degrees Fahrenheit when occupied. Settings for Heat Pumps.
In addition to heat, cool, and off, there's a setting for emergency heat. But what ... thermostat HVAC heat pumps best mode heating arrow. In short ...
For best efficiency and to save money, set your thermostat at 68 degrees while you are home in the cool weather months of the year. During hot months it is best to set your thermostat to a temperature as warm as you can tolerate without discomfort.
Set your heat pump to a comfortable temperature, then adjust the setting up or ... a severe cold snap, don't be afraid to turn up the old thermostat temporarily. ... The best way to benefit from a heat pump's superior efficiency is to use it for as ...


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