How much data does a nest thermostat use

How much data does a nest thermostat use
I was told that the Nest Thermostat E uses 100 MB of data every day. ... I'm not sure where you heard 100 Mb/hour but it should be much lower ...
But if you subscribe to Nest Aware − the paid cloud service that saves Nest Cam's video stream to your history − you'll use an average of 120 GB of data a month at that same mid-range setting. At high-resolution, that average rockets to 300 GB.
Nest cameras and Nest Hello stream video by uploading footage to the Nest ... You can tell your camera to use less bandwidth for uploading video, which can ...
Turning a Nest Smart Thermostat Into a Data-Stealing Spy in 15 Seconds ... Nest does have some security baked in, and the presenters made it a point to give Nest ... But most distressing use of a corrupted Nest would be as a ...


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