How to get nest thermostat back online

How to get nest thermostat back online
Follow these steps to help get your thermostat reconnected: Make sure your home Wi-Fi is working > Check the status of the Nest service > Check your Nest app version > Check the Nest thermostat's battery levels > Restart your Nest thermostat > Restart your router > Check for interference >
Can't connect your Nest thermostat to the Nest app? ... While you're waiting for your Nest to boot back up, go ahead and restart your router, too. ... To see if it worked, sign into Nest Home and sees if it says "Online" under the ...
 ... Netflix, or shopping online, we've all experienced the unpredictability of Wifi ... When Wifi issues impact a Nest thermostat, an offline indicator will display ... the signal strength of your Nest thermostat, on your thermostat display, go to: ... Disconnect your router from power for a minute and then plug it back in.


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