Wifi thermostat without c wire required

Wifi thermostat without c wire required
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A C-Wire also called a "common" wire, this is an electrical wire inside the wall that supplies continuous power to your thermostat. That way, your smart thermostat can communicate through wifi and keep an LED screen lit.
The C-Wire, or "common wire" enables the continuous flow of 24 VAC power to the thermostat. It's a wire that (if you have one) runs all the way from your furnace to your thermostat. Questions about the C-wire are by far the biggest drivers of traffic to this site, so I've written this article to
How to Install a WiFi thermostat without C wire. If you don't have a common wire and want to install a smart thermostat, you still have quite a few options. Option 1 is to buy a smart thermostat that doesn't require a C wire.
How to Install a WiFi Thermostat Without A C-Wire The first thing you want to do is check for a C-wire by looking at your old thermostat. Detach your thermostat and take a look at the wires connected to it.


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