Nest Thermostat Auto Heat Cool

Nest Thermostat Auto Heat Cool
... Nest thermostat can have up to five available modes: Heat, Cool, Heat•Cool, ... Your Nest thermostat can automatically switch between modes, but you can ...
 If I use the heat/cool setting, it is possible to have the heat numberless ... The way this works is the thermostat will either heat or cool to try and ...The Nest Thermostat has a Heat • Cool Mode feature which switches automatically between heating and cooling to keep the temperature within ...
When you switch to “Heat-Cool”, the Nest Thermostat will automatically turn on the furnace or the air conditioner whenever either is needed, ...Unless I'm doing something wrong, using Nest's Heat/Cool Mode as an action ... I change it to on either heat or cool automatically changes the other to match. ... set my Nest thermostat to Cool mode and a specific temperature.


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